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  1. Forum management can change the range of services the forum offers. Users will be notified of changes by the forum administrator.
  2. The administrator is the person who takes care of the smooth technical operation of the entire forum and the smooth running of discussions. It is selected and determined by the forum management.
  3. The moderator is the person who takes care of the smooth running of discussions in each forum. It is selected and determined by the forum management.
  4. The user is any natural person over the age of 13 who registers in the forum and agrees to the terms and conditions of this forum.
  5. Upon registration, the prospective user provides the following information: username, valid e-mail address, password. if incorrect information is provided during registration, the administrator may refuse to register the username.
  6. Conditions for publishing contributions:
    • Any incitement to national, racial, religious or other inequality is prohibited
    • Any disclosure of the identity of other users of the forum is prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to slander, insult, perform or underestimate other users of the forum.
    • Topic titles should reflect the content.
    • Surreptitious advertising is prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to open the same or similar topics in several forums.
    • The use of profanity and insults is prohibited.
    • Any posting of private messages is prohibited.
    • Publication of private messages is allowed only with the consent of the author of the private message and the moderator of the forum where you want to publish this private message.
    • Write grammatically correct
    • The administrator and moderators have the right, without prior notice: not to publish, shorten, delete or change the contributions.
  7. The management of the forum may publish its contribution in any medium without the user's permission. When publishing texts that you are not the author of yourself, state the author / source of the text. The management of the forum is not responsible for any infringement of copyright and similar rights in the contributions of users. The management is not responsible for the damage that users would suffer due to the content offered on the forum and does not assume responsibility for the content of messages on the forum. The authors of the texts are responsible for everything written.
  8. The management of the forum reserves the right to change and amend the terms and conditions of the forum without prior notice. Changes and additions will be posted in the forum and are valid from the moment of publication.

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